Save game with Game Center - iOS devices

We all grow attached to the accounts we have in our favorite games and that is why it's extremely important to save your progress, making sure that you won't ever lose it.


Apple provides a nice solution for this, giving us the Game Center app, which saves your progress in the iTunes Cloud, being always accessible from any iOS device.


Please note: Game Center supports only one account for each game you play. Thus, you cannot have multiple Pirate Kings or Board Kings saves per Game Center account.


How to do this? Simple! Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Settings on your device and scroll down until you see Game Center, like so:

2. After taping the option mentioned above, make sure to turn the Game Center ON, as seen here:

3. By doing so, you will then be required to either log in (if you already have an account) or create a new account. In order to create a new account, simply follow the instructions on the screen.

4. After you finish logging into your account or setting it up, go back to your Home Screen and select Pirate Kings or Board Kings. When launching the game, you should notice a banner on top of the screen showing the 'Welcome back...' message.

Done, your game is now saved in the Game Center and you can access it on any iOS device by logging into your Game Center account and then opening the game :)


If you have more questions, please contact us through the game by going to our Menu > Settings > Support. We can help you quicker this way, because the game will allow us to view your account and better help you.
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