Can I open more than one Pirate Kings game on the same device?

Absolutely! If you’re connected through Facebook, go to the game settings and disconnect. Start playing and you’ll have a new game that will now be saved on your Game Center or Google Play.

If you were never connected to Facebook, but were playing through Game Center or Google Play, disconnect from it and start a new game, which will now only be saved on your device (which is a bit risky, because your chances of losing your progress are higher).

Be careful doing this! Sometimes you might open the game and think you’re suddenly on a different island than before. Make sure you’ve logged into the desired platform to continue playing the game from where you intended to leave off.

If you have more questions, please contact us through the game by going to our Menu > Settings > Support. We can help you quicker this way, because the game will allow us to view your account and better help you.
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